Leveraging the Power of Universal Lead Capture for Event Success

We were very excited to kick off the year with our new bi-monthly plan of hosting online webinars. First up we had Brad Froese from Captello. Brad is the VP Marketing at Captello – an award winning event software platform that provides:

-Universal Lead Capture

-Event Engagement and Gamification

-Event Registration

-Event Sales & Marketing Solutions

He has been in different facets of marketing for about 3 decades now, with 5 years full time in the events industry helping meeting and event professionals make the most of their experiences and connections. 

It was an eye-opening webinar that was all about leveling up your game with a Universal Lead Capture solution.

Here’s what’s we learned:
🚀 A deep dive into why “universal” beats “standard every time
🌟 Secrets to harvesting higher quality & quantity leads
🎁 How to transform your events team into a lead capture army
📈 Sneak peeks into new features that’ll blow your mind!
📚 PLUS, a FREE e-book: “The Ultimate Guide to Universal Lead Capture” that will give you all the latest tips, tricks and best practices.

Why settle for less when you can have the best? 🏆 Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to extraordinary lead capture strategies! 🥳

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/n5thKuCM8Bc?si=X3qCMi8aU4lzg8hk


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